Today, I want to talk about something that is actually near and dear to my heart. And this is something that I had heard off and on throughout my career. I’ve heard it off and on throughout my life but never knew a lot about and nor really partaking in, until about a year ago.

What Is Your Vision?

How do you set a vision? What does it do for you and what type of precedent does it set for you?

I was an executive at a company and was just miserable and in a culture that I was not a fan of. I didn’t get to do what I really wanted to do, do what my passion was, do what I feel I was put on earth to do. Every day was a drag and I was just forcing myself to make it through the day. On top of that, I wasn’t able to spend time with my family which is my number one passion.

I joined this coaching program and learned all about the vision and the programs.. Life and air and just learning how to write out my vision and working with coaches, defining what it is that I really wanted in my life.  At that point in time, I wanted out of my job. I wanted to be self-employed. I wanted to spend more time with my family and had a few other goals that I really wanted to do.

The Importance of Vision

I started doing several different things or was working on it, working on different items, different topics and just trying to get my business going while trying to work full time. The reason why I think the vision is so important is because it basically just puts you in the right mindset and it gives you something to focus on. So if you’re looking to drive in a straight line or plow in a straight line if you’re a farmer for example, you don’t look down. You need to look straight and keep moving towards your end goal and target which was what I was able to do now.

Keeping The Doors Open Through Innovation

I went through a manufacturing facility the other day. I have seen this in multiple businesses, like grocery stores or at various other places. People are not happy. They’re miserable. They’re drained. They’re not driving for anything or striving for anything which makes them unhappy. This is something that has resonated with me through my career.  There’s got to be more! No matter which organization I was in, I always felt like I was pushing against the wall…pushing for new products, innovate and not the normal same old stuff. Every organization needs it. They need different perspectives. They need new.  They need innovation.

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A year later and I’ve achieved so much of what I wanted and what I desired. But I’ve realized that was not the end of my vision. What I really want is to make an impact and this is where I’m super excited and super stoked about what I have to offer and what it is that I’m going through and just learning on a day-to-day basis. This is the reason why I’m putting out videos that can help a lot of people get the freedom that I wanted. It can help organizations and companies or champions within those organizations to not feel like they’re pushing against the wall all day long.


Marketing and Innovation

There are two things that grow a company. It’s marketing and innovation.  If your company’s not innovating, I bet you’re not growing or if you are growing, you’re spending a lot of money on marketing. It is the organizations that fuel the economy and it is hurting right now. Manufacturing is one of the single biggest employers still to date in the US and globally. These companies need to innovate. They need new products. The only way to do it is through innovation.

They need to have a process — a specific process to go through, to design and develop a product. There’s processes to getting it to market and making sure that you’ve got the right customer interactions with it.  This is what creating a clear product vision can do for you.

I Challenge You….

Think through. What is your vision? Have you written your vision down? Not just goals but what is it that you truly want in the long run?  What is it that you’re looking to achieve? And for those of you that have seen some of the other videos that I’ve put out, that I’ve been studying with a mastermind group.  Think And Grow Rich and if you’ve ever read that or if you haven’t, I highly recommend you either re-read it or you read it all right. The really first step once you’ve defined your purpose and desire is to write it out. Write exactly what you want, by the date that you want it.

It’s not just writing it or writing down. Not just having a goal. Know what it is that you truly want and tie emotions to it. Believe in the power of emotions and the energy that it creates. As someone who studied physics in college, the only thing that I could relate this to was actually Maxwell’s Equations and Faraday’s Law and the fact that the electricity and magnetism are related to each other and the energy that it creates through a vision.

When there’s so much energy into that vision, you can’t help but overcome the magnetism and the magnetic pull that comes along with it. The emotions work the opposite way too. If you don’t believe in what you wrote down or don’t believe in the words that you put in your vision…guess what? You’re not going to get it. In fact, you’ve probably going to kind of push the energy the other way. You’re going to repel all of it.

Again, I ask…

What is your vision? How are you growing? What are you doing?

If you need help, reach out to me because I’d love to help. I’m putting more resources out on Hill Innovative Solutions. FREE Resources for people to understand this process of product development because it shouldn’t be a secret. It’s not a secret.  There’s people who invent regularly but nowhere near the level that we’re inventing. There’s still so many discoveries yet to be made. There’s still so many things yet to be invented. There’s still so many problems in today’s world that still need a resolution and if it’s in your vision to do that, reach out to me.

Pull all your energy into it, make it happen.

Have a wonderful day!


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