Goals are achieved through effort. Each of us have our own goals in life. But who among us have thought about writing them down?

Analysts tracked down that 90% of us never set goals. Of the 10% who really do, only about 3% have really thought of writing them down. Believe it or not, but the 3% group actually consists of some of the most successful people in all fields of endeavor.

How To Set Goals

Set A Clear Main Goal – Do you have a clear perspective of what you want, what you want to be or what you want to do? By setting a main goal, you can look forward to whatever you want to reach in the future and have something to anticipate in your everyday life.  Instead of saying “I want to be successful”, you can say “in 6 months time, I will have my own business. Your goal should be specific, definite and clear.

Create Short-Term Goals – Short-term goals serve as stepping stones to your main goal. By dividing your main goal into smaller goals,  you can easily draw them into a timeline and keep track of them. You would be able to monitor your pace and take notice of your progress. This practice would motivate you more in reaching for your goals.

Make A Timeline – You need to decide on a reasonable amount of time that it will take for you to complete your goal. Doing so will give you a sense of control and allows you to monitor your progress.

Remind Yourself of The Benefits – What do you expect to obtain once you reach your goals? Without benefits, you won’t have any idea as to why you are trying to reach for something. By not knowing what you would get in the end, it can mar your confidence and diminish your motivation.

Visualize To Materialize – You have written down your main goal, the short-term goals, constructed a timeline and the benefits. Its now time to post it. Make sure your goals are visible to you any time of the day. The purpose is to constantly remind you of your set goals. The best way to do this is to post visual images of your goals within view or in prominent locations like bathroom mirrors, pillow casings, refrigerator, your working area, car or your brief case. This will make your goal setting strategy work at its best.

Take Action – The next important step to goal setting is action. Each positive step you take is just another step up to the ladder. Don’t be discouraged over miscues or minor failures. These are just part of reaching your goals. You won’t get lost as long as you have clearly defined your priorities.

Monitor Your Progress – The most overlooked step in goal setting is tracking progress. It feels so tiring to some people to make updates or keep tabs of their actions. Be sure to keep in check your motivation level. After every goal that you have reached, reward yourself. You can adopt other system or style if your motivation level goes down.

As a business manager, it is part of your job to plan for the future of your business. How do you do it?  By setting goals and objectives that you would like to see your business achieve.

Through effective goal setting, you will be able to plan and control your business more efficiently, improve your chance of success and profitability.

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