Businesses often employ Research and Development (R&D) to determine the consumers’ degree of acceptance of a new product. The reason behind this is the fact that launching a new product without a real demand would mean more costs than actual market research. Additionally, a failed product launch is not only damaging for a company’s finances but also its image and reputation.

Why Is Research and Development (R&D)  Important?

Improve Existing Products  – R&D isn’t just about creating new products. It can also be used to strengthen an existing product or service with additional features. Research will provide insights your company can use to refine your products before you commit to expensive production costs.  If your product have significant weaknesses, those are opportunities that are sitting right in front of you. Are your customers complaining or asking for changes in your product? Are you losing sales to your competitors? In many cases, this might be your first line of attack for product development.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Cost –  Wasted time equals wasted dollars. Your company can use research to identify leaner and more cost effective means of manufacturing. This reduction in cost can either help provide a more reasonably priced product to the customer or increase your profit margin.

Getting The Ability To Compete In The Market – Any company investing in R&D benefits from developing effective technologies to gain an edge over competitors by leading the market.  Through R&D, your company can create products that are difficult for your competitors to replicate and allows you to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating customer demands or trends. By looking at your biggest competitors, you can see how your own products and services stack up and what kind of threat they pose to your business. It also helps you identify industry trends you may have been missing.

In conclusion, Research and Development (R&D) is essential to ensure success of a company, no matter how big or small that business may be.  Furthermore, if you want to be able to stand out from your competitors and become a house-hold brand, you need R&D so that you can develop creative new products or services that either address needs that not many other businesses can fulfill or become unique and stand above all the other products your own must compete with.

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