Developing Ideas Into Real Products

Who We Are

What began as a dream over a decade ago, Hill Innovative Solutions, now Big Rocks Engineering was founded on the idea that a product on market is better than a product in mind. In other words, too many good ideas never become reality and we want to fix that. With an extensive background in product development and lean manufacturing, we have come to the realization that whether you are developing the next great innovation or your greatest innovation of all, getting the product to market quickly is critical. This is in order to obtain customer feedback, allow for a pivot and or improvement opportunities, create cash flow, and a much longer list of critical learning that can only happen after a product reaches the masses.

Big Rocks Engineering is a full-service product development and design engineering services company bringing over two decades of experience developing products in the sporting goods, industrial equipment, medical device, power electronics and aerospace industries to our customers. Our goal is to go above and beyond expectations to make sure that all of our partners are successful with the fastest delivery to market and highest quality work.

Big Rocks Engineering utilizes an “iterative process” to get products to the critical “Minimum Viable Product (MVP)” obtain customer feedback, improve, and create the next iteration. Repeating this process in order to create the most viable product for our customers.

We are committed to being hands in our product development process with the extensive use of prototyping and small batch manufacturing. If a picture paints a 1,000 words then a prototype paints a million. Helping work through the entire process, everything from virtual prototypes, to alpha prototypes, to small batch manufacturing.

A Legacy of Innovation!

Our Vision

Create technical advances that makes the world a better place and leaves a legacy through a creative hub that brings people’s ideas and dreams to life! Encouraging the fact that creativity and innovation can come from anywhere. Giving the tools to people for creating freedom and family closeness.

Big Rocks Engineering

Our Mission

An engineering product design for manufacturing business that works with inventors and small businesses in the area of product development and bringing products to market. We offer the highest quality and value of product development by being the best and fastest at bringing an idea and product to market.

Want To Invest In Innovation and Product Development?

We offer end to end product development services including prototyping, patent, design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing services.

Core Value

Family First – We take care of our family first, whether they are immediate family, work family, or our client family we put their needs over our own.

Integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Be Creative and Innovative – We let our imagination run wild, we try and encourage wild ideas having no fear to put ourselves out there to push progress.

Keep it Simple – We tackle complex problems by breaking them down into their simplest forms. We do not over complicate things and always look for the fastest simplest route ensuring we give the customer exactly what they want.

Continual Improvement – We are constantly striving to get better by improving the amount of time it takes to deliver what our customer asks for with better quality beyond our customers expectations.

Learning – We are constantly growing ourselves by improving our knowledge base and experiences.